Friday, 1 June 2012

H&M for Water & Holiday season

This post is for ladies only... So after the last couple of weeks of sunny days in London and now back to the misery weather, maybe it's time to start planing for summer holidays abroad right? No matter wherever you go, Europe or a local beach in England like Devon, you have got to have at least one bikini for the beach. Here are some ideas... The first two photos are the swimwear from H&M recent collection, called 'H&M for Water'. Not usually the type of swimwear I would go for, seeing that I am usually a minimalist... But these two swimwears really caught my eyes. Especially the first one, immediately puts me in the summer mood (while daydreaming about being in Hawaii..).

The rest of the photos are also from the H&M collection of swimwear. As we are speaking now, of course I have already bought myself a set of bikini! Hopefully going to the Italian seaside this summer! The ones that I bought are the bottom from the third photo and the top from the forth photo! What do you think? The net around the neck is really sexy! Isn't it? Or maybe it's just the model? Nonetheless, I think what makes the bikini look so good on the models is the combination of the accessories and the swimwear. Better get my hands on some gold accessories as well I think..

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