Sunday, 27 May 2012

Simplest colours: White/Black

COS top
COS shorts
COS bag
Shoes and watch from holiday

So I have disappeared for a long time from my blog. I think this time it has been... one month? I am very sorry for my usual yet causal disappearance from time to time. However I can claim that every time I disappear, it has been due to 'studies' reasons... So take this time as an example, it is because I had been extremely busy with my final 1st year exams for university (Congrats to me having completed 1st year at year! Treats must follow!).

So that was the past, now I am back, back to posting about SUMMER. Can you believe that summer has just arrived in London now? So having taken the advantage of sunbathing in the sun, I am a little convinced that I have developed a tiny weeeny little sun tan from the past few days... And of course how could I miss out the opportunity to take some outfit snaps in the sun? Here's what I wore on Friday before going to see 'The Dictator' at the cinema (which is a movie I would highly recommend!).

Final thing, which the last photo here... I had a little problem with the high light exposure, somehow more or less a technical problem. So does any photographers here know how I can readjust the light exposure? Leave me a message below please if you do!

Have a lovely weekend
Isabel xxx

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