Monday, 22 August 2011

Bum bags

Recently I have been trying to find a perfect bum bag but there aren't many options out there! Then I remember this shop called t.o.u.g.h that I came across when I was on holiday and asked a relative of mine to take a photo of the bum bags in that shop. And what did she find...? :)

I certainly had a difficult time trying to decide which one I should get until I came to the conclusion that, why not get the both of them?? In addition, if you know any websites that sell bum bags, let me know! I don't mind having a collection of them!

Happy monday
Isabel xxx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some kind of maxi

Zara leather jacket
COS white dress
Zara sandals
Vintage Vivienne Westwood bag

This time, I finally brought myself outside in the so-called good weather and got my outfit photos done by a close friend of mine. This view is most definitely better than the ones from my garden. In this post I'm wearing a maxi style dress that I bought back in June, I'm talking about, this dress was actually hung up in my wardrobe, untouched, for more than two months... The reasons to this were 1. I didn't want to wear it just in case I got any stains on this lovely dress; 2. I had this idea that this dress should be worn with heels until I tried it on today with a pair of flats. I think the dress has an amazing style itself already so wearing it with a pair of flats would be too over-dressing the whole look.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Layers and flying

I have never posted more than 4 photos in an outfit post. There are a total of 6 photos in this post hence I absolutely LOVE this dress. I love the layers on this dress, I love how every time I look down at my dress, the layers are sitting differently however still look good. Second reason, right, so I love the way this dress blows in the wind... haha. You can honestly tell as I let my dress played with the wind in these photos. By the way, sorry for the total lack of sun light in these photos, it was the brightest point of the day...

So, summer is almost over (summer was over ages ago in Scotland, I'm wearing my Gap long sleeves hoodie as I speak), do we have any style ideas for A/W?

Isabel xxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Low Luv x Erin Wasson

Evil eye cuff
Negative space cuff
Bone cuff
Hammered ring
Triangle handpiece

I have such an obseesion for jewelleries lately. I know my last post was on jewelleries, sorry but I'm blogging another post on the same topic again! Here are some pieces by Low Luv x Erin Wasson. I love Erin Wasson, but I love her designs/collaborations even more. Just as I was 'looking for jewellery ideas' on Shopbop, I ended up buying one of the pieces for myself! I really shouldn't sound surprised...

So, the last photo (the handpiece) is my new purchase, only in silver instead of gold and an evil eye instead of the triangle. I must not lie, even though by Erin Wasson, I got it for quite a good price, which makes me feel even more satisfied buying it...

Now, it's just the waiting, for this piece of beautiful to come home to mama...

Isabel xxx

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Just a quick post on my jewelleries... As Fashionology is still having a sale on, of course I couldn't resist and bought this lovely bracelet, while I was surfing the net on my phone... This really proves I'm slowly driving myself towards the world of shopaholics, doesn't it? So, the rest of the necklaces/rings/bracelets/watches were either bought when I was on holiday or bought in stores when I was at home. Shamely I have already made some scratches on a few of the rings and bracelets... oh well, I could always buy the same ones again when I come across them in the future.

An usual problem I have with my silver coated copper/nickel jewelleries is, that the silver plated colour comes off rather quickly. I know that one of the solutions would be to buy some liquid silver and plate it silver again, however, are there any other ways??

Isabel xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What I have been up to these days...

Sorry for the lack of posting these days. My internet hasn't been working in a week now but woo... BT engineerer is coming on Friday morning so hopefully it will be fixed then. Have you guys got the Elle A/W collection edit?? I would really recommend it, it's such a good buy, totally allows you to keep a paper record of what went down the runway (I often have a problem forgetting what I saw in runway videos).

P.S I now have a second job, I can finally afford some Emporio Armani underwear ;) haha.

Isabel xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reconsideration and reconstruction

You might wonder why the title of this post is called 'reconsideration and reconstruction'... Reconsideration as in reconsider what kind of styles I like and suit me; follows by reconstruction, as in re-arrange what pieces I might like to wear from now on.

I assume it's not just me, but we all go through stages of styles. Recently I have felt what I sometimes wear is a little bit, childish in a sense. So, I've decided to R&R and figure out what might be best for me for the year or even season coming. This involves with a lot of magazines reading. Of course, if you beautiful readers have any suggestions of styles you like, don't be shy to leave a comment!

Isabel xxx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pour Femme

Dress from holiday in hk
Mango white blouse

So, as I said, I promised you an outfit post. Here I'm wearing the dress I bought when I was on holiday, it's one of my new favourites.  I don't know French myself (which is a shame), so when I saw this dress in the shop I had to get my sister to translate the words on the dress for me, which turns out to be 'for women'. I really like the zip on the dress, which totally allows me to transform them into something completely different! This dress comes in black and khaki, I don't normally wear black that much myself but I have a feeling it'll be my colour for this winter...

Isabel xx

Monday, 1 August 2011

This city showed me summer (2)

Sorry for the heavy photo post people. I just really want to share with you all the places I went to on holiday and how beautiful they were. One of the photos is my attempt to write my name on the sand but then the swash came and ruined it... I brought my hat with me on holiday, of course! Although it only made an appearance in the course of two weeks, my hat had a good trip to the sea. I have a post regarding my purchases on holiday and an outfit post in line. I just feel a little bit of clothes talk is in need and long awaited, right?

In addition, I want to make a little change to my blog so here's a little question to ask you beautiful readers... do you want to read more outfit posts, or inspirational photos posts, or 'what-to-buy, where-to-buy' posts?
Would really appreciate your answer!

Isabel xxx
Have a nice Sunday everyone!