Friday, 27 April 2012

One match

All Zara

Hi, sorry for the lack of posts in the past two weeks. Since I got back to London I have been extremely busy with uni work, unbelievable yet believable! So last weekend and the one before that, I finally took some time out for myself and did a little bit of shopping, no major damage to my bank balance fortunately. Here's a little outfit I wore on Monday to uni. Usually I'm not very into the 'matchy' trend, wearing a top that is similar pattern to your bottom but this one seems to be an exception, maybe because of the gradual dye change from top to bottom...

Have a lovely weekend,
Isabel xx

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Acne vs H&M

Just a very quick post on a shocking discovery when I walked past the Stratford mall (typical) today... So as I walked past the H&M store, I spotted a very Acne-like blazer... a replication that looks almost 70% like the original designer version Rumi from Fashion Toast wore. Of course, how can I resist on such a good replication. This jacket has already been added to my shopping list. I will see you soon in my wardrobe, 'Acne' blazer...

Have a good night! xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Think Sport.

Cos shirt
River Island sport trousers
Asos heels

So I'm still in Scotland... This is a quick post on what I wore before I left London. I've been really into the sport trend so here is the first experiment. More improvements to follow! For the past week I have been living the easy life with no work, no university and with no advanced plannings. Everything was planned more or less last minute! Even though I was coming home to visit my family and friends but because of the mood I was in, it felt like a holiday, or that I'm just very easily satisfied!

I'm back in London again on Monday, I feel that a catch up on the trends and discoveries of good buys in store is in need so I will be posting a lot on these topics. One last thing, I have finally got a facebook page for this blog and you can see it here.

Have a happy easter!

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A day in Greenwich

 Cos dress
Zara heels

I am back in Scotland again, or more like, finally! So I am here for a week during my Easter break and I have been so excited to be back since weeks ago however there are two let downs... the first one being that after two sunny weeks in London, Scotland welcomed me today with snow, and the second one being that during the time that I am back I cannot drive.

Back to the photos, these photos were taken when my friend Chloe and I spent a day in Greenwich to relax ourselves and the beautiful views there definitely did their good job. We didn't get to stay for long during the day time hence the missed opportunity of taking some nice scenery snaps in Greenwich. Even though I am back in Scotland for my 'break', I had somehow scheduled myself to work on the blog during the journey home. So far, I have set up a facebook page for the blog and you can see the link here. More updates on my further blog improvement progress...

Have a happy easter

Isabel x

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