Thursday, 21 June 2012

Unmistakable cap

Topshop jumper
Topshop bag
H&M cap hat

This is my little attempt on wearing the hat on Sunday. On my first attempt I decided to go for the sport look, as it is much easily to work around with the hat. Sport hat + net jumper + sport/gym bag... what do you think? Could definitely be improved though. I'll carry on to work on this sport look, there's no doubt on this. I'm also thinking of doing another post of the cap hat with a dress...  Can't wait to see the result!

P.s I have got to apologise in advance about my frown face. At the time when these photos were taken, I was suffering from a very bad cold also hayfever at the same time. Was sneezing a lot so therefore the frown face!

Isabel xx

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