Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Late blog post...

Sorry guys, sorry for the massive blog break! So I have just recently moved to London and you know, you want to see a lot of London, right?.. In the past month I have just been busy making new friends (as you do in London), looking in shops and local markets. (In addition to this, I found the cutest, sweetest hat in Spitalfield last Friday. Can't wait to show you guys after I have cleaned the dust off my camera and take a photo with it.) So, London, yeah it's too much to take in all at once. Also, I'm still looking for a photographer... if you guys know anyone who would do it (voluntarily) or really cheap, let me know and drop me the name and email address in a comment box please!

As the Christmas lights are already up on Oxford Street and Regent Street, I have decided maybe it's time to slowly start progressing through my Christmas wish list as well. Of course, if you know me, by slowly I mean the list is going to be BIG.

P.s These are the photos my friends and I took for her uni course. I certainly had an amazing time pretending to be an art student.

Have a great week everyone!