Sunday, 22 May 2011

Attention Please!


So I've decided to blog at almost 3 in the morning, simply because this is REALLY important and requires everyone's attention.

All you fashionista out there might have already heard that 200 GAP stores out of 900 will be closed by 2013. 200 stores. GAP, in my opinion, is a brand that has its own identity and a lot of the time it doesn't follow the trends which I do admire. As of last year, GAP did a collaboration with Italian couture house Valentino and the outcome was signature GAP designs with ruffles, mostly blouses and shirts. From my point of view, GAP designs are more or less on the line of minimalism, which you can wear with comfort. A lot of people get mixed up with GAP clothes as being workwear and too mature for teenagers, which I totally disagree!

From above, you can see a cropped white shirt from GAP with a playful splitted end in the middle at the back. I honestly love the back of that shirt, it might be a plain white shirt but with a splitted end like that? We are talking about an investment now. We might have a lot of denim shirts already from last summer but, a sleeveless dark denim shirt is completely different from the ones we bought last year!

If you want to have cheeky peek at GAP's summer collection, you can check it out here, GAP. Also, if you haven't already signed up for GAP email, please do and you will receive 15% off online and in store straight away! Shop shop shop!

Isabel xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No. 1 must have sunglasses

These Tom Ford sunglasses are definitely a must have for this summer! The first time I saw them was actually from one of my favourite blogs, 5 inch and up, you can see the post here, and of course you can purchase them from my wardrobe. I really love the shape of these pair of beauty, only if I can have them now... Wayyy out of my purchasing power though, I'm afraid. As being a student, you know, there's no need to clarify my financial state (most students are poor!). Just one day, one day you will be mine...

p.s. recently I have been thinking a lot about socks with sandals, flat or heeled or wedge sandals, what do you think of wearing them with socks? I'll try to find some more photos to show them in a post some time soon maybe.

Isabel xx

Monday, 16 May 2011


Here I have shown you a Lacoste advertisement poster. I have got to say, I am loving the combination. Suit trousers, a white shirt and tie, a suit jacket, then... a Lacoste sport top on top on that?? You would automatically think, hmm... would it work?

I'll telling you, yes it works perfectly fine well on this handsome male model here. It's effortless, it's got style. Not something you would see on the street though, unfortunately.

p.s sorry I haven't got any outfits posts yet, I promise I will do that once exams are over.
Have a great day, Love
Isabel x

The first time

Hello! Welcome to Material girl! To be honest, I'm a little bit nervous writing my first ever blog...

Anyway, I hope to share my passion (obsession) for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelleries (especially rings)... I could go on, with everyone reading my blog. Hope you will find my obsession amusing :) Here are a few ideas that I like for this summer, hope you guys like them too.

Isabel x