Sunday, 14 August 2011


Just a quick post on my jewelleries... As Fashionology is still having a sale on, of course I couldn't resist and bought this lovely bracelet, while I was surfing the net on my phone... This really proves I'm slowly driving myself towards the world of shopaholics, doesn't it? So, the rest of the necklaces/rings/bracelets/watches were either bought when I was on holiday or bought in stores when I was at home. Shamely I have already made some scratches on a few of the rings and bracelets... oh well, I could always buy the same ones again when I come across them in the future.

An usual problem I have with my silver coated copper/nickel jewelleries is, that the silver plated colour comes off rather quickly. I know that one of the solutions would be to buy some liquid silver and plate it silver again, however, are there any other ways??

Isabel xxx

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