Monday, 1 August 2011

This city showed me summer (2)

Sorry for the heavy photo post people. I just really want to share with you all the places I went to on holiday and how beautiful they were. One of the photos is my attempt to write my name on the sand but then the swash came and ruined it... I brought my hat with me on holiday, of course! Although it only made an appearance in the course of two weeks, my hat had a good trip to the sea. I have a post regarding my purchases on holiday and an outfit post in line. I just feel a little bit of clothes talk is in need and long awaited, right?

In addition, I want to make a little change to my blog so here's a little question to ask you beautiful readers... do you want to read more outfit posts, or inspirational photos posts, or 'what-to-buy, where-to-buy' posts?
Would really appreciate your answer!

Isabel xxx
Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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