Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some kind of maxi

Zara leather jacket
COS white dress
Zara sandals
Vintage Vivienne Westwood bag

This time, I finally brought myself outside in the so-called good weather and got my outfit photos done by a close friend of mine. This view is most definitely better than the ones from my garden. In this post I'm wearing a maxi style dress that I bought back in June, I'm talking about, this dress was actually hung up in my wardrobe, untouched, for more than two months... The reasons to this were 1. I didn't want to wear it just in case I got any stains on this lovely dress; 2. I had this idea that this dress should be worn with heels until I tried it on today with a pair of flats. I think the dress has an amazing style itself already so wearing it with a pair of flats would be too over-dressing the whole look.


  1. adore your style!this look is perfect!

  2. amazing outfit! really really love that dress combined with the leather jacket! and your blog is amazing by the way:-) xx