Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Birthday night out

Zara trench coat
Mango blouse
Topshop knicker shorts
Flat shoes from holiday

I apologise for the photo heavy post! I know I haven't been able to post in the previous week so hopefully this photo heavy post can make it up to you guys.

So, I have had one of the busiest week... As I have told you before, I'm moving to London this month for further education. And just when I started getting really enthusiastic about moving to London, my halls of residence emailed me and said they happen to be over-subscribed. So thank god in the end I managed to find somewhere to stay. So, dilemma over.

Let's talk about clothes again... Just as I thought, it's time to get a grip and really see what's for this A/W, LFW starts emailing me about SS12! You just won't understand how I feel. Mixed emotions I guess...

Have a nice day everyone xxx

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