Sunday, 26 June 2011

Everything looks better when you are happy with your life

Hello, sorry about this massive blog break! I have been really busy trying to make plans for my gap year next year. It's so much more difficult than I thought. Ahh well, life goes on.

Let's talk about my new sandal heels from Zara. I've been in a hunt for a pair of black sandal heels in god-knows-how-long. I saw these Zara ones in my early hunt and I was in doubt about them, then in the end when I decided they are in fact the perfect pair, they were sold out! Thank god I managed to get them last week due to the restock. The heels are a bit low for my liking though (3.5 inches high), so I might take them to a local shoe repairing store to see if I could change the heels to higher ones, 4.5 inches + at least!

Another recent purchase I have made is this red bag, I got it from a charity shop for 3 pounds! I can't seem to find the label so can't tell what make it is. :S

What do you think of my recent purchases?

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  1. Nice pics!