Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nicole Farhi SS12 collection

Lately I have gotten so into the Nicole Farhi S/S 12 collection. I used to consider the brand as being too mature for myself and the younger age group but I guess I was wrong. For the S/S collection, the designer brand has introduced, or more or less like the other brands, adopted the pastel colour. The creamy yellow top is my favourite, not to mention the perfect cutting on the neck and the sleeves, indeed a perfect combination with the pure white shorts and sandals.

Speaking about the white shorts, I have been looking for a version like them on the high street for a very long time and as devastating to say, I still haven't been able to find one similar. The same case with the white sandals, luckily last year I was able to pick up a pair of almost similar version of these white sandals but only in black, from Zara. Needless to say, the white pair is of course much better looking and appropriate for the summer... So if anyone of you lovely people see it on any websites or in shops, please let me know! Per favore!

Isabel xx

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