Tuesday, 6 March 2012

LFW: Part 1

Zara heels
Zara cardigan

This is just a quick post of what I wore to the Lako Bukia fashion show. Of course, also to show you my new/old bag. Why? It's new because it's a new purchase and it's old because I have already had this bag before and due to a slight accident, I had to buy this bag again. Even though both times it costed me 80 pounds, still, it feels like one of those things I cannot live without. I remember how before I bought the bag for the second time, my heart twisted inside every time I see people on the tube with this bag.

At the end, my friend and I spotted an electrical car on the street and waiting to be charged, how interesting.

More on the LFW, pictures from the Lako Bukia show coming up! Stay in touch!


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