Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In between seasons

Asos heels

Erin Wasson handpiece

In the past 3 or maybe even 4 weeks, my life had been completely swamped with exams, I barely even had the time to eat or sleep, never mind posting anything on here! So, on monday, I met up with my blogger friend, Chloe, from Coco the blog, you can see her blog here. So Chloe kindly helped me shoot the photos for this post. 

Recently I have had difficulties deciding what to wear, seeing that the weather in London these days had been unpredictable. Last week the weather in London was rather warm so I bought this amazing black pencil skirt in a rain coat material (sounds horrible, but I promise it looks really good) and planned on showing it on my blog. Unfortunately, London decided to snow, yes, this week. So, I guess we will wait then and in the meantime I can still enjoy the excitement of wearing the lovely skirt for the first time. 

Isabel xx

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