Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blue Monday

COS black and white stripes dress
COS yellow sleeveless tee
COS blue stripes shorts
Both belts are from H&M
Zara whtie cotton top

Hello! I was in Glasgow on monday for a quick summer wardrobe shopping and here's the result. I have never really been a dress/skirt type of person, as personally, I think it's much more fun to wear shorts because there are more things you could do with your outfit. On monday I finally bought myself a dress, I really love that horizontal and vertical stripes, though they make my eyes go a little bit dizzy.

When I was trying things on in the fitting room, the yellow sleeveless tee and the blue stripes shorts turned out to look really good worn together. I might have to show you the outfit in another post. And yes, I am aware that the blue shorts can sometimes be mistaken as pyjama shorts, ahh well.
What's the favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe this summer?

When I was in Glasgow, I had lunch at a place called Yo! Sushi!, take it from the name, it's a Japanese restaurant, you could choose having your meal at a table or at the bar where there is a conveyor belt for transporting plates of sushi. I would really recommend it if you are a fan of Japanese food.

P.s I have taken some photos of the outfit I wore on saturday night. I need some time to sort them out but it won't be long!

Have a lovely day everyone!


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  1. Those shorts are gorgeous!! Where are all your purchases from?