Sunday, 8 April 2012

Think Sport.

Cos shirt
River Island sport trousers
Asos heels

So I'm still in Scotland... This is a quick post on what I wore before I left London. I've been really into the sport trend so here is the first experiment. More improvements to follow! For the past week I have been living the easy life with no work, no university and with no advanced plannings. Everything was planned more or less last minute! Even though I was coming home to visit my family and friends but because of the mood I was in, it felt like a holiday, or that I'm just very easily satisfied!

I'm back in London again on Monday, I feel that a catch up on the trends and discoveries of good buys in store is in need so I will be posting a lot on these topics. One last thing, I have finally got a facebook page for this blog and you can see it here.

Have a happy easter!

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